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What is SuperVoice?
SuperVoice is an exciting new feature that was added to BallparkDJ 7.0. Click here to learn more.

1. How can I order voicing of player introductions from a professional announcer within BallparkDJ?

First, add your team and the add each player with name and number.  If any player has a name which tends to be mispronounced, please record your voice for that player to provide the proper pronunciation.  This recorded pronunciation will be delivered to the professional announcer (How to pre-record).  Once the team is setup, choose "Actions > Order Voice" from the menu at the bottom of the list of players.  You will be emailed directions on completing your voice order, and you will be presented with options for how you would like your players formatted.  A professional announcer will voice your intros within 24 hours and you will receive an email once the voicing is completed.  Open the email on the iPhone or iPad on which BallparkDJ resides and simply click on the link within the email to import / merge the voiced team back into BallparkDJ.

2. How much does professional voicing cost and who is the professional voice?

Professional Voicing is done by Major League Baseball PA announcers Casey Motter (Braves), Andrew Belleson (Cubs), Michael Araujo (Angels), Marysol Castro (Mets) and Greg Kalil (Rays).  Each of these professional announcers have deeply recognizable voices and have spent many years introducing some of the best baseball players in the world as they step to the plate.  They have impressive voices that are ideal for youth baseball and you will not be disappointed.  The cost is $2.99 per player.  Click the play button below to hear a sample introduction by each announcer. For more information on costs associated with BallparkDJ, click here.

3. What should I do before ordering voice?  And some names are difficult to pronounce.  How can I make sure they are pronounced properly?

First, make sure you've entered each player with number and full name.  And VERY IMPORTANT...if any of the names may be difficult or the least bit questionable to pronounce, you should pre-record your voice with proper pronunciation for that player or players BEFORE submitting order.  The professional announcer will hear that pronunciation before recording on his end.  To do so, simply click on the Edit button at the top right of the list of players, and then click on the players name.  Now click the Record button to enter the Record Voice screen.  Now hit the Record button, wait for the 3-2-1 countdown, and then speak the name, then hit Stop.  And then hit Done.  You can then hit the Players button at top left to return to the list of players.  Here is a page that explains in more detail.

4. One or more of my professionally voiced players was mispronounced (or number was wrong).  Can I get it correct?

Sure.  You may order re-voicing of players at no charge after receiving your professionally voiced team (you have this option for one month after importing your professionally voiced team).  Simply record the proper pronunciation using your voice for each of the players that were mispronounced or voiced incorrectly.  Once that is complete, choose "Actions > Request Voice Order Redo" from the menu at the bottom of the list of players.  You will be presented with a list of players.  Choose only the player or players that require re-voicing and click "Submit Voicing Request".  Your corrected voicing(s) should be delivered to you within 24 hours via email and often within an hour.

5. A player was added to my team after I ordered professional voicing.  Can I order voicing for one or more additional players?

Sure.  Add the new player or players to the team, pre-recording the pronunciation of any player whose name tends to be mispronounced (How to pre-record).  At the bottom, choose "Actions > Order Add-On Player(s)".   You will be presented with a list of players.  Choose only the new players from the list and click "Submit Voicing Request".  An email will be sent to you guiding you on completing the order of your additional player(s).

6. How can I share a team with another parent or coach?  I'm going to miss a game and need another parent to serve the role of DJ.

Team sharing is very easy.  Simply click on the menu below the list of players and choose "Actions: Share Team".  You will be asked for the email of the person you wish to share the team with.  An email will be sent to that person.  The recipient will need to install BallparkDJ on their iPhone or iPad, open the email, and click on the link in the email.  BallparkDJ will open and import the shared team.  The team name, the players (name and number), and the voice recordings will be shared.  The music will be shared if the music is a BallparkDJ clip.  We cannot share iTunes music when sharing teams (see FAQ item #12 below for more on this).  For more information on music, click here for Apple/iOS or here for Android.

7. Can I duplicate a team?  My teams batting order changes every inning.

Some youth baseball teams bat the full roster each inning and change the batting order for each inning.  The ability to duplicate a team, so there is one team per inning (Braves 1, Braves 2, Braves 3, etc), makes preparing for such a situation a piece of cake.  Simply click on the menu below the list of players and choose "Actions: Duplicate Team".  Repeat this process for each inning.  You may then go into each team, click on the Edit button at upper right, and drag and drop to adjust the batting order using the thumbs on the right (3 horizontal lines).

8. I'm unable to access my iTunes music.  Why is my music not showing up in BallparkDJ?

On iOS, BallparkDJ can access any song on iTunes that was purchased through iTunes or downloaded through the Apple Music subscription.    For more information on music, click here for Apple/iOS or here for Android.

9. I'm getting the message "DRM Unsupported".  What is DRM and is there any way to songs with DRM protection?

DRM stands for Digital rights management (DRM) and "is a systematic approach to copyright protection for digital media. The purpose of DRM is to prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital media and restrict the ways consumers can copy content they've purchased." BallparkDJ now supports music downloaded through Apple Music despite the DRM protection of such music.    For more information on music, click here for Apple/iOS or here for Android.

10. Can I run BallparkDJ on an iPad?

Sure.  BallparkDJ runs on iPad just like it does on iPhone and is optimized for the additional screen space the iPad provides.  Simply search the iPad App Store for "BallparkDJ".

11. Can I setup a team with full songs, creating a playlist for music between innings?

Sure.  Just create a new team and name it something like "Intermissions" or "Music" or whatever you wish.   Each player will just be a complete song.   To do this quickly and easily, simply add a new player to team, and skip entering the name and number, just click "Done" twice, then click "Edit" next to Music.  Navigate to and select your iTunes song, then turn on "Play Entire Song".  That's it.  When you return to your team, you'll see that the song/player was automatically named for you, and clicking that song/player will play the entire song.  Repeat this process for each of your favorite intermission songs.  You can also click "Single Play" at bottom left, and change to "Continuous Play" and it will then begin the next song automatically when the previous one completes. To switch quickly between your music-only team and your walk-up teams, just swipe the team name left or right.

12. When I share my team with another parent, will the music also be shared?

Yes. Click here for more information on Song Assistant.

13. Can I order professional voicing introductions for my pitchers as they take the mound?

Yes!  Create a separate team for pitchers (the team can have the same names as the batting team and needs to have the same name if you're involving the team name in the voicing format, but differentiate it with (Pitching) appended to the name.).  The choose Actions > Order Voicing (All Players).  You will receive an email that will direct you to a web page.  The web page now provides two formatting options for "Now Pitching".  Choose one of these and complete the order.

14. How can I order professional voicing for introducing my full team's line-up prior to the game?

Click here for a video tutorial and complete explanation of the process.

Create your team and add each player to the team (name and number).  If you would like the introduction to begin with team name intro such as "Introducing the 2018 Cambridge Bears", then add a player with name "Team Intro" (no number needed) and put that Team Intro player in the first position above all other players.  Before ordering, voice the Team Intro player with exactly what you would like to say before going through the list of players.  Also, user your own voice to record any players that may be difficult to pronounce (The professional announcer will hear that pronunciation before recording).  Now choose "Actions > Order Voicing (All Players)".  You will receive an email with a link that will take you to a web page to complete your order.  On that web page, choose the basic voicing format with just name and number (since your first player was "Team Intro", the format may simply say "Team Intro".  When you get your team back, you can then set it up for "Continuous Play" but clicking on the Single Play button at bottom to toggle it over to Continuous Play.  Now simply tap on the Team Intro player and it should play all players from top to bottom continuously.

15. How can I edit the batting order of my players within the team?

To adjust the order (batting order) of the player in a team, simply tap the Edit button at the upper right corner above the list of players.  You will see a thumb to the right of each player (3 horizontal lines).  You can drag those thumbs up and down to adjust the order of the players (tap and hold, then drag).  When you are done adjusting the order, click the Done button at the top right.

16. I have a player that is grayed out.   What does that mean?

When a player is highlighted in gray that means the player is "Benched".   Users may bench a player that is absent or is not batting and they will appear in gray at the bottom of the line-up and be skipped in the batting order (as far as green/blue highlighting of next up).  To bench or unbench a player, click on the edit button at top right of team, and then tap on the player, and then toggle the Benched checkbox on or off.  You can also unbench a benched player by editing the batting order and dragging the player up into the line-up (that automatically unbenches).  You may also bench a player by dragging a player below another benched player in the line-up (that automatically benches).

17. How can I share my team with a user that does not have BallparkDJ?  How can I share my team to Facebook?  How Can I extract the professional voicing audio?

Visit the blog post on Sharing Team to Facebook

18.  Is there an Android version available?

Yes! Just search the Google Play store for “BallparkDJ”. The Android version has been available since January of 2019. We support iOS and Android, phones and tablets.

19.  Is there a BallparkDJ Flyer available that I can post or hand out at our ballpark?

Yes.  We would love for you to help spread the word about BallparkDJ at your park.  Just print this flyer on standard 8.5" x 11" paper and post at your concession stand or hand out to other teams.

20.  I've moved to a new device and installed BallparkDJ.  Where is my team?

When moving to a new device and installing BallparkDJ, your teams from your previous device will not automatically be moved to the new device.  Here are a few possible ways to move the team(s) to your new device...

  • If you still have access to the old device, simply open BallparkDJ on that device and share the team or teams by choosing Actions > Share Team.  That will compose an email which you can open on new device.  Click on link in the email and it will import the team.

  • If you previously ordered professional voicing on the team, and you can dig up the email you received when the professional voicing was completed, you can again click on the link within that email (on the new device) to import the team.

If you do not have access to the old phone, and you did not order professional voicing, you are probably going to have to build the team again unfortunately.

20.  GHSA and KHSAA Sportsmanship Statement. I ordered professional voicing and would like to get the free Sportsmanship Statement and Anthem Announcement. Where can I get this?

Click on the link below on the device on which BallparkDJ is installed. You can open this web page on the device and click, or you can email the link to your device and click on link in email.

GHSA - Georgia High School Association

KHSAA- Kentucky High School Athletic Association

21.  How do I operate BallparkDJ on a Bluetooth speaker? Are there any issues.

Click here for more info on BallparkDJ and Bluetooth.

21.  I imported a shared team and am missing music. How can I recover music? What is Song Assistant?

Click here for more information on Song Assistant.

21.  Are there some rules and guidelines regarding how to use BallparkDJ on game day? Proper volume level, timing, and content?

21.  How long does it take to receive professional voicing back after ordering?

Professional voicing is personally recorded by our major league announcers.  No robots involved.  So the time it takes to get your professional recordings back will depend on the availability of the announcer you choose.  You will almost always get your order back within 24 hours and often much sooner.  Please allow 24 hours after ordering before contacting BallparkDJ support.  Our announcers are very busy, and even more so during MLB season, so please understand that they will take care of your team when their time permits.

22.  How can I have our team featured on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds?

We frequently feature teams (or individual players) on our BallparkDJ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and we would love to feature your team soon (no charge). Click here to find out more.

24.  Does BallparkDJ require an internet connection for operation on game day or can it operate offline?

BallparkDJ does not require an internet connect to play your introductions (voice and music) at the ballpark once your team is setup. The songs and voice introductions you are using within BallparkDJ should be downloaded to your device already, and BallparkDJ does not require an internet connection otherwise to operate. The only time you would need a connection would be to order professional voicing, to share a team to someone else, or to download a new song you want to use. But once your voice and music is in place, no connection is needed.

23.  Is there any way to create or export mp3 files of the voice announcements that can be used outside of BallparkDJ?

BallparkDJ does not currently provide a method for exporting the introductions to external files. However, you may use the screen recording feature on your device to record your team on Continuous play. Then send the resulting video file over to your PC where you can extract each the audio component of each individual introduction using a video/audio program such as Camtasia. This link explains how to perform screen recording on iPhone/iPad: