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Can I add SuperVoice to my team which already has professional voicing?

Yes. You can add SuperVoice and pay only the 2.99 per player SuperVoice charge (instead of the full 5.98 per player - 2.99 for professional voicing and 2.99 for SuperVoice). It is important that you follow the instructions below closely in order to receive this discounted price. If you have not yet ordered professional voicing, you can proceed to this page for instructions no ordering SuperVoice.

  • Update to the latest version of BallparkDJ on the App Store or Play Store. Ordering SuperVoice requires BallparkDJ 7.0 or later.

  • Make a duplicate of your existing team. To do so, open the team and choose Actions > Duplicate Team and give it the same name but with subtitle “Duplicate” as seen for team Cambridge Bears. This will allow you to retain and access your original intros after ordering SuperVoice if needed through the Duplicate team.

  • Open your original team and ensure that team consists of only the existing players on the team that you want to order SuperVoice for. Feel free to add, remove, or edit any players before proceeding.

  • Now follow the instructions on this page for Ordering SuperVoice. The key to getting the reduced price is to order from your original team that you ordered from before (and NOT the Duplicate). The order page will be aware of players that have already been professionally voiced and will discount accordingly. If you encounter any problem with this process, email

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