How do I setup a team with full songs, creating a playlist for music between innings?

Just create a new team and name it something like "Intermissions" or "Music" or whatever you wish. Each player will just be a complete song. To do this quickly and easily, simply add a new player to team, and skip entering the name and number, just click "Done" twice, then click "Edit" next to Music. Navigate to and select your iTunes song, then turn on "Play Entire Song". That's it. When you return to your team, you'll see that the song/player was automatically named for you, and clicking that song/player will play the entire song. Repeat this process for each of your favorite intermission songs. You can also click "Single Play" at bottom left, and change to "Continuous Play" and it will then begin the next song automatically when the previous one completes. To switch quickly between your music-only team and your walk-up teams, just swipe the team name left or right.