What are the costs associated with BallparkDJ?

BallparkDJ allows you to ensure the app does what you want before you purchase the full version. It allows you to create up to 3 teams and add up to 3 players per team. We implemented BallparkDJ this way so you may test the waters before making any purchase. The 6.99 in-app purchase kicks in when you try to add a 4th player to a team and the 6.99 permanently unlocks the full unlimited version. The 6.99 is a one-time payment and there are no recurring charges associated with BallparkDJ. The 6.99 helps fund the extensive development cost to bring BallparkDJ to market and continually improve and polish to ensure BallparkDJ meets all your athletic audio needs. The full version allows for unlimited players per team, and unlimited team. It is certainly not required to order voicing from one of our professional announcers (optional), and that is not included in the 6.99. You can voice your team yourself or have anyone you know voice for you for no charge. But if you choose to order voicing from one of our major league announcers, we do have to compensate them on a per-player basis for their efforts but the cost is very reasonable at 2.99 per player (one time fee that takes you through whole season or as long as that team continues to play together). And if you want the full-service red-carpet treatment from BallparkDJ consultant Johnny Rowlette, you might consider exploring the Premium Package.