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How do I order SuperVoice and is there an additional cost?

Follow these easy steps to order SuperVoice. If you have already ordered professional voicing and would like to add SuperVoice, click here.

  • Update to the latest version of BallparkDJ on the App Store or Play Store. Ordering SuperVoice requires BallparkDJ 7.0 or later.

  • Create your team and add the players to the team.

  • Choose Actions > Order Professional Voicing > All Players. If you have not yet voiced the players to provide proper pronunciation, you will be guided to do so at this point. Then you will be directed to the order web page.

  • On the order page, select your professional announcer, check the SuperVoice checkbox, and then select the appropriate sport for your team. SuperVoice is an additional $2.99 per player (one time charge).

  • Enter your credit card information and then click the button to Complete Order.

  • Your order will be completed within 24 hours and often much sooner. You will receive an email when order is complete which contains a link that imports the professional intros.

  • When you import your SuperVoice team, you will have 3 resulting teams: your master team with each player voiced, the Pre-Game Full-Team Introduction team, and the SuperVoice team.

  • If you need to fix an issue with pronunciation or player number after you get your team back, simply open the master team (your original team that simply introduces each players number and name) and record the correct pronunciation with your voice (or fix the number), and then choose Actions > Request Voice Redo and select only the player(s) that need to be fixed. Again give the announcer up to 24 hours to get the correction back to you. You will receive an email when completed.

  • If you need to add players to the team, simply add the players to the master team, add then players to the team, and then choose Actions > Order Voice > Some Players and follow prompts from there to complete the add-on order, choosing the same announcer as well as SuperVoice options that you chose with original order. Give the announcer up to 24 hours to record the added players. You will receive an email when completed.

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