How does BallparkDJ work with Bluetooth (Apple Music)?

BallparkDJ works seamlessly on many Bluetooth devices, and exhibits some issues with others. And some of the issue vary from device to device. You’ll nee to simply do some testing on your device before operating at the ballpark to ensure you know what to expect. If you are having issues, it seems to most solid solution is to simply connect your device to the speaker via a wire instead of using Bluetooth. In version BallparkDJ 4.7.1 and beyond, there is now a Fade Out Music toggle option in the Edit Player window that allows you to turn off the Fade Out effect.

The following are issues that have been observed or reported…

  • FIXED: After the music fades out, you hear a very brief volume surge (the volume turns back up on very end of song). THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN FIXED. If you’re experiencing the issue, please check the App Store and make sure you’re on the latest release of BallparkDJ. If you are on latest and still experiencing problem, contact

  • As the music is fading out, you hear repeated loud beeps. It appears some Bluetooth speakers make a beeping sound as BallparkDJ is internally adjusting the volume of the device to fade the song down. The best solution we’ve found to this so far is again to wire a connection to your speaker. Another solution via Bluetooth is to play more of the song than you’ll ever use, and just manually turn down the volume on the speaker to zero prior to pushing Stop button in BallparkDJ. There is also a new option for each player to turn the Fade-out off completely. This is not ideal as the fade-out is preferred, but that does also work around the beeping issues. The ECOXGEAR EcoBoulder+ is one such speaker that this problem was reported on.