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How can I insert the team name into my SuperVoice introductions?

If you’d like to insert the team name into the SuperVoice introductions between the event (like “Now Pitching”) and the number and name, follow these instructions. Create a new team. Give it the same name as your original team name but give it a subtitle like “Sound Bites”. So if your original team was “Cambridge Bears” your new team would be named “Cambridge Bears” but with a subtitle of “Sound Bites”.


Now add a player to your soundbites team that reflects how you want the team name inserted into your announcements such as “For The Cambridge Bears” and use your voice to record what you would like said so the announcer knows exactly how to pronounce the team name.


Then order just that one player with Actions > Order Professional Voice and complete the order, making sure to choose the same announcer you chose on SuperVoice order. You do NOT need to order SuperVoice with this player. Just pay the 2.99 only. And choose the format of just number/name.


Once you get that introduction back, you can go into your SuperVoice team and edit the players to insert the team name as the middle component in SuperVoice as seen below. Then adjust the overlap appropriately with the SuperVoice team above it and the player name/number below. Repeat for each player you want to insert the team name into. You may consider first duplicating your SuperVoice team and having one team which includes the player name and one that does not so you can go back and for as you wish on game day.