How Do I Order Professional Introductions for both Hitting and Pitching?

Want professional pitching intros also...and combine them with the pitchers favorite song? No problem!

But you MUST CREATE ANOTHER TEAM to order the Pitching Intros from. You cannot order both Batting and Pitching intros from the same team.

Let's say your team is called Cambridge Bears, and you've already ordered professional voicing for batting (or you’re about to). Simply open the team and choose Actions > Duplicate Team. When it prompts you for a name, name it something like "Cambridge Bears (Pitching)" to differentiate it from the Batting Team.

Now you can order professional voicing for one or both teams by choosing Order Voicing (All Players) from the Actions menu. If you are ordering for both teams, you must perform this action from both teams, and follow that by completing the order on the web page it directs you to.

Once you get your team(s) back, you can toggle back and forth between them quickly by swiping the team name at top right or left. If you'd like a pitching format not listed (like "Now on to pitch for the Cambridge Bears...Number 10...", then specify that in the comments section on the order page.