Why BallparkDJ?

Why not?


We’ve gone to great lengths and expense to make sure is easy to setup and easy to use on game day. And we’ve made sure it has all the functionality you’ll possibly need. Whether you’re adding teams and players, voicing players, ordering professional voicing, adding or editing music, editing the order and lineup, or sharing a team with another parent, we’ve thought of it all and we’ve made it very easy to operate. And if you have any problems, you can email us at support@ballparkdj.com and we’ll respond quickly.


The kids, parents, and coaches will love it. Adding professional introductions infused with music really enhances the game day atmosphere. Everyone will be amazed at what you put together (and you won’t have to tell them how EASY it was). And it’s not just fun for baseball or softball, but BallparkDJ can really bring excitement to ANY youth sport, or even adult sports like Softball or Kickball! And just check our reviews on the App Store, Play Store, or on Facebook, to see just how much our users love BallparkDJ.


While you can voice the team yourself (or have another parent voice), you also have five amazing major league voices available to you including Casey Motter (Braves), Andrew Belleson (Cubs), Michael Araujo (Angels), Marysol Castro (Mets) and Greg Kalil (Rays). These guys have spent many years introducing major league players as they step to the plate, and now they can introduce your kids each and every time they step to the plate this season. Combine their voices with each kids favorite song for the ultimate experience.


BallparkDJ is free to download and try. It won’t cost you anything to ensure that BallparkDJ is the perfect app for you. And for a one-time 6.99 fee, you can unlock the unlimited version which allows for unlimited teams and unlimited players. You can then use for all seasons….for baseball, softball, football, soccer, basketball, chearleading. It’s been used for weddings and bar mitzvahs. And even kickball!