Some players you are ordering have already been ordered?

This can happen in a couple scenarios: 1) When trying to order another announcement format (like "Now Batting") for a team you've already ordered batting introductions and 2) When trying to fix a players announcement that has already been ordered .  Both of these situations are explained in detail below.

1) Ordering Another Announcement Format (like "Now Pitching")
If you have ordered batting introductions for your team (Now Batting), and you would like to order another format as well (such as "Now Pitching"), you must create a new team for this.  You may have tried ordering again from the "Now Batting" team.  If you do this, you will end up replacing all your batting introductions with pitching introductions.  Instead, choose "Actions > Duplicate Team".  This will make an exact duplicate of the team, and ask for a name for this duplicate team.  If your batting intros where "Red Bulls" for instance, name this team "Red Bulls (Pitching)" so you can differentiate the two.  Now, you may open the duplicated pitching team, and choose "Actions > Order Voicing (All Players)" and follow instructions from there, this time choosing the proper format ("Now Batting") on the order page.

2) A Players Voicing Needs To Be Fixed
If you have ordered professional voicing and one of the players came back with the name mispronounced, or the introduction incorrect or unsatisfactory in any way, you may choose request that player or those players be redone.  To do so, first use your own voice to record what you'd like said for their voice introduction.  This will be delivered to the professional announcer and he will hear it right before he records and know exactly how to pronounce.  To do so, click the Edit button at top right of list of players, then tap on the player you need to record.  Now click on the Record button next to Voice.  Now click on Record, wait for the 3-2-1 countdown, then say what you would like used for the announcement.  Click Stop.  Then click Done.  Then click Players at top left to return to team.  Repeat for any other players that need to be revoiced.  Once you've voiced all that need to be fixed, choose Actions > Request Voice Order Redo.  You will be presented with a full list of players on the team.   Select form that list ONLY the players that need to be revoiced.  The professional announcer will fix those players within a day, and often within an hour.