Apple iOS 13 Upgrade Caused Issues with BallparkDJ Music

Apple recently made iOS 13 their public release. There is an issue in iOS 13 resulting in an error message when trying to select your music from within BallparkDJ. Apple corrected this issue in iOS 13.1 but that version is still in beta (it will be released officially on Tue Sept 24). If you are on iOS 13 and are experiencing this issue with music, we recommend you upgrade to iOS 13.1 beta. It's relatively easy to do and here are the steps.

  • Visit on the device you'd like to upgarde, and click Sign On

  • Sign In with your Apple ID and follow instructions to accept the beta agreement.

  • Go to and Download Profile

  • Then go to Settings > General > Profile on your device and Install the Profile (this my then require restart of phone).

  • Then upgrade to 13.1 just like you would any other version of iOS by going to Settings > General > Software Update.