How Do I Share My Team And Include Music

To share your team to another device, choose "Actions > Share Team" below the team.  This will compose an email which you can send to the iPhone, iPad, or Android Device to which you'd like to replicate the team.  Make sure BallparkDJ is installed on that device.  Open the email on that device and click on the link within the email, the team will import and open up within BallparkDJ.  If you have not yet purchased the full version of BallparkDJ on that device, you may be prompted for the in-app payment at this point. Once full version is paid, you may need to import team again.

When sharing a team, if the recipient is on iPhone or iPad and has Apple Music, then setting up music is a breeze with the new Song Assistant feature. Song Assistant also makes music setup much easier even if you don’t have Apple Music, but if you are trying to receive a shared team with lots of music associated, and you have considered Apple Music, this might be a good time to sign up. It is a great service and allows you to listen to just about any music available, anytime, anywhere. For more info on Song Assistant, click here.

Family Sharing
If someone on your family sharing plan shared a team with you, you should have access to any of the iTunes music they purchased for the team without having to pay for it again.  Trying to sync up songs through family sharing which another family member has purchased can have some pitfalls.  Here are some things you might check if you're having any problems.

  • In Settings, find the Family Sharing section and make sure Family Sharing is turned on for both the sender and the recipient and that Purchase Sharing is turned on within Family Sharing.

  • In the iTunes Store App, click on the More button at bottom right and then click on Purchased and then click on Music. Click on "Not on This Phone".

  • Now click on the Artist, then the Album, and then click the Cloud/Download button next to the song to download. If you see "Play" next to the Song, or "Downloaded" next to the Album, then you should be ready to use the song in BallparkDJ.

  • We have still encountered situations where this still doesn't work. You may find that you have to navigate to the song in iTunes and go through the purchase process again. Often, during this process, it will detect that you've already paid and not charge again, but last resort, it will charge you, but you'll now have the song available for BallparkDJ.

If you have any information on this topic that might be valuable to other users, please share with and we will append to this page.