The Casey Motter Experience

Casey Motter

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Bring major league sound and excitement to your ballpark with The Casey Motter Experience.  Imagine your teams excitement when they have a big league announcer and the best voice in the business at their ballpark just for them.  Great for season openers, varsity playoffs, tournament finals and semi-finals, season-ending banquets, or just a special treat for the kids.

The Casey Motter experience includes...

  • Casey Motter, MLB Major League PA announcer and voice of BallparkDJ, comes to your park and announces your game.
  • Introductions of each player as they take the field.
  • Introductions of each player as they step up to each at-bat.
  • Photo and autograph opportunities with Casey for each team after game.

The Casey Motter experience is subject to availability (Casey is unavailable on days when Braves are playing at home).  The cost is $79/hr (including travel time).  If you would like to reduce the cost, consider contacting the coach of the opposing team and discuss splitting the cost between the two teams (or schedule 2 back-to-back games and split cost between 4 teams).  The map below shows Casey's base location in Newnan, GA and an approximate 1 hour driving radius.  Time of day and average traffic and travel time will be considered in quote.

If you would like a quote or to inquire about availability, email with the game location (address), date and time of game(s), and approximate game duration.

Casey Motter Homebase