Name Mispronounced? Number Wrong? Easy to Fix!

It is easy to fix a mispronounced name or wrong number in BallparkDJ. The process below can also be used to fix various other issues with the introductions: wrong format, too slow, etc.

It is always recommended to record any player that may be difficult to pronounce before ordering professional voicing. The announcer will hear your pronunciation just before he records and will then know exactly how to pronounce. If you don't know how to do that, drop down two paragraphs.

If you ordered professional voicing and one or more of they players came back with an issue (mispronounced, wrong number, wrong format, etc), simply do the following to fix. If name was mispronounced, use your own voice to record the proper pronunciation for the player or players (details on this below if needed). If number was incorrect, simply edit the player and enter the proper number. Then choose "Actions > Request Voicing Redo" and then select only the player or players that need revoicing from the list that pops up. You'll be provided with a Special Instructions box where you can explain exactly what needs corrected if needed. You should then receive your corrected players back via email soon.

If you are unfamiliar with how to use your own voice to record a player. Click the Edit button at top right of team, and then tap on the player you need to voice. Tap the Record button next to Voice. Now tap the Record button below the microphone. After the 3-2-1 countdown, simply speak into the iPhone/iPad and then tap Stop when down. Click the Play button to hear the recording. Once satisfied, tap the Done button and return to the team and choose Request Voicing Redo from the Actions menu.