BallparkDJ Premium Package

Johnny Rowlette

Johnny Rock’n Rowlette provides a premium service to BallparkDJ users which will help ensure you get the most out of your professional announcements and game day experience. Johnny knows music and he knows BallparkDJ and will give you the complete red carpet treatment from start to finish. The Premium Package is NOT a software upgrade, but rather a service that helps take your BallparkDJ game to another level.

This premium package includes…

  • Team setup

  • Professional Introductions from your choice of our Major League Announcers

  • Professional level music setup and editing with each kids favorite song

  • Multiple songs for each player. One team with each kids favorite song. One team with songs that Johnny chooses which works well with the players name and/or number.

  • A Situational/Scenario team which announces events such as Home Run, Triple, Bottom of the Third, National Anthem.

  • Free Customized Team Introduction. For example “Baseball Fans, Stand Up and Make Some Noise for your 2019 Sandy Springs Storm led by Head Coach John Rowlette and Assistant Coaches John Smith and Hugh Thomas.”

  • Guidance and training on BallparkDJ setup and game-day operation

  • Expertise on audio equipment and setup

  • Team featured on BallparkDJ Facebook page

Please contact Johnny at for more information.

Premium Samples
Listen to these great sample introductions and announcements that were produced through our premium service.