Professional Pre-Game and In-Game Intros (Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey)

Important Note: SuperVoice is coming soon. During the 2019 football season we will be introducing SuperVoice which will take your football introductions to a whole new level by combining each player with 12-15 of the most common football events/actions (Touchdown, Interception, Tackled By, etc). If you order a full team now, you will get a deep discount off SuperVoice once available.

BallparkDJ makes it easy to create professional pre-game intros that introduce the full team while one song plays in the background through all players.  This works great for any team sports: football, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, basketball, or even cheerleading. This video demonstrates how easy it is to set this up and the list below documents the steps needed to make this happen. We recommend you read thru instructions once and then come back and read again while going step by step in BallparkDJ.

  • Add all players to your team with name and number. Pre-voice any players that are hard to pronounce using your own voice. The announcer will hear your pronunciation before he voices. If you have already ordered voice introductions and used the format of just name and number, you can simply duplicate that team and have one team for in-game use, and another for pre-game intros. If you ordered voice but used a format that includes “Now Batting”, you should still duplicate team, but then you’ll probably want to order voicing again (on the duplicate), this time using just the name and number format for pre-game intros.

  • If you would like a general team introduction such as "Introducing Your 2018 Cambridge Bears" that plays before introducing the individual players, then create a player named "Team Intro" and put that player as the top player in the list. Record your voice with exactly what you would like this intro to say and the announcer will repeat it.

  • Order professional voicing by choosing "Actions > Order Voicing (All Players)" and follow the instructions to complete the order.

  • On the web page where you complete your order, choose the format which includes only number and name (yours may say "Number, Team Intro" if you made Team Intro your first player.)

  • You will receive your voiced team back within 24 hours (usually within an hour). Once you have the voiced team imported, you may attach music to the first player (Team Intro) and it will play through all introductions.

  • When setting up music on first player, choose "Play Entire Song" and start the song where you wish (generally at the beginning, at offset 0). Also, set the overlap to where you want the music to begin relative to Team Intro. And last, set the relative volume to your preference. Make sure there is on music for any other player except the first player.

  • At the bottom of team, tap "Single Play" to toggle to "Continuous Play" mode.

Now your'e ready.  Simply tap the the top player (Team Intro) and the full team introductions will play in order along with the music.  Below are some additional tips....

  • You may duplicate the team and use it for announcing a players name after they’ve scored or made a big play. Just choose Actions > Duplicate Team and give the team a slightly different name like “Braves (Goal)”. Now you can combine each player with a single song clip if you wish. When the player scores, just tap their name.

  • You can edit the order of player introductions by clicking the Edit button at top right and then dragging the thumbs up and down to adjust order. If you do so, make sure the first player on the team is the only one that ends up with the music.

  • The song will continue playing through the line-up and will continue until the user taps the STOP button or the song ends.

  • Feel free to share your voiced team with other parents, players, or coaches. The recipient will have to pay for BallparkDJ (6.99) when importing in order to activate the unlimited version if they haven’t already done so.