We have a number of ideas in the pipeline that we're anxious to deliver to you including...

  • Add iPad version: BallparkDJ for iPhone runs great on iPad with complete functionality, but a native iPad version which takes advantage of additional screen real estate is in the works.  DONE
  • Team Sharing: Make it easy for TeamDJs to share teams between users and devices without having to duplicate the work of setting up the team.  DONE
  • Sharing iTunes Music: Currently when sharing teams, Apple does not allow apps like BallparkDJ to share protected music.  We will continue monitoring this situation and hope to provide a solution at some point.  DONE
  • Ordering Voice: Many users prefer not to voice their own intros.  BallparkDJ intends to provide a service where users can enter their players names, then have the voice recorded by a professional.  DONE
  • Icon for Voice and/or Music: Show an icon beside each players name that reflects whether that player is setup with voice, music, both, or neither.  DONE
  • Library of Starting Positions: Maintain a library of preferred starting positions for all the popular iTunes songs.  Initialize songs to those starting positions when selected.  Allow users to suggest preferred positions.
  • Relative Volume Options: Allow the user to increase or decrease the level of volume of the music in relation to the volume of the voice.  DONE
  • Switch Teams Quickly: A faster way to toggle between two Teams without having to return to Team View Screen each time.  Especially useful for quickly switching over to a music-only Team between innings or quarters for intermissions.  DONE

BallparkDJ took more time and money to bring to market than originally anticipated.  There is a fee to enable the unlimited version of BallparkDJ.  That fee is in place not only to recover some of the development costs to date, but to fund the addition of these exciting new features.  Every penny made from the sales of BallparkDJ will be sunk back into improvements until we just run out of ideas.  If you're a BallparkDJ enthusiast and would like to help expedite that process, use the button below to make a donation to the development effort.  Thanks for your support!